What dog breeds suffer more from anxiety?

Is your dogs' breed more likely to suffer from anxiety?

When you leave a dog alone inside the house, the separation anxiety is hovering above their heads all the time. Some dogs are strong enough to ward off the symptoms, while other breeds are not capable enough to do so. These dogs tend to howl and cry when you start to prepare for going out.


Can Separation Anxiety Impact All Dog Breeds? 

According to researchers, there is a correlation between the intelligence of the dog with separation anxiety. The most intelligent breeds are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety.


7 Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Here is the top 7 breeds more keen to suffer from anxiety:

  • Border Collie

    Border collies are working dogs, and they have more energy than other dogs. They are also intelligent; that's why this breed needs interactive activities and exercises to stay happy and healthy. You should not leave the border collies alone inside the house to do anything other than wait and do random activities. They will have higher chances of developing separation anxiety in this scenario. 

  • Bichon Frise

    No dog can be a better option than Bichon Frise when you want a perfect companion to cuddle with. They are happy dogs and love to enjoy emotional company. These dogs require your time and affection all the time. Even when you are inside the house, they will try to stay by your side. These dogs are also at high risk of separation anxiety.

  • German Shepherd

    When you are fond of work and love to do different activities, life seems more meaningful. But at the same time, when you are asked to stay put for some extended time, you will lose the charm and meaning of life. The same goes for the German shepherds. They are herding dogs and love to direct and lead others in different situations.

    A German shepherd cannot stand the long idle hours inside the house. The result will be destruction and separation anxiety. If you want to have a German shepherd, you must know their needs and provide them with the company of another pet. Socialization and quality time together will help your beloved dog stay away from the symptoms of separation anxiety.

  • Cocker Spaniels

    This is a hunting breed filled with energy, affection, and sincerity. Cocker spaniels are more attached to the owners than any of the other breeds. They can also suffer from hyper-attachment disorder if the parent stays away from them for extended periods of time.

  • Basset Hounds

    They are scent dogs who were bred to hunt rodents. These hunters are fond of their owners and love to spend time meeting other people and animals. They show unwavering love and compassion to the owner and the family. These dogs get attached to their parents in no time and love to spend time with them.

  • Labrador Retriever

    Family dogs and friendly dogs are the titles for Labrador retrievers. When you have a lab, you need to spend more time with them to make them feel connected with life. These dogs are social, and you cannot keep them aloof in a single place. They need outdoor activities and playtime to live a happy and healthy life.

  • Chihuahuas

    These tiny dogs are the lifeline for most pet parents. When you want a dog to carry with you all the time, no breed can beat the tiny Chihuahua. This dog tends to get entirely dependent and emotionally attached to you. The Chihuahua cannot stand a few minutes without you being around.


What can I do to help my anxious dog?

The above-mentioned dog breeds are not the only ones to suffer from separation anxiety. All dogs from any breed can get separation anxiety at any time of their life. Some simple tips to alleviate your pup are:

  • Exercise your dog: anxiety causes an excess of energy, so taking your dog for a long walk or playing games can relieve that stress

  • Massage and physical contact: there is probably nothing more soothing than your cuddling for your dog. Also massaging affects your furry friend in the same way it does to humans alleviating tension.

  • Also, the use of CBD oil is a natural way for helping out with anxiety issues in your dog so give it a try and you might be surprised