Dog separation anxiety explained

Help! My Dog Cries When I Leave

Well, you are not alone. A lot of pet parents around the world are struggling with this phenomenon. When you are going out of the house, and your dog cries, this is because of loneliness, separation anxiety, and a perpetual feeling of being bored. Your dog loves you more than anything. Seeing you leave the house is the last thing they can think of.

Ways to Help Your Dog

Without making further ado, let’s start the ways and methods along with ZenWag CBD oil you can adopt to help your dog in coming out of separation anxiety.

  • Reliable routine

    Dogs are used to routines, and any change will make them anxious about it. When there is an abrupt change in your work routine, your dog will not be able to cope with it right away. In the beginning, your dog will complain and cry. If you don’t take corrective measures, the poor soul will suffer from separation anxiety resulting in depression. In the first stage, separation anxiety will make your dog destructible towards furniture and valuables. You need to make a reliable routine for your dog to understand that your departure from the house is a part of the routine, and you will come back at the end of the day to them. 

  • Regular exercise

    When you leave the house, a dog full of energy is like a time bomb that will keep exploding and annoy the neighbors until you get back home. When you are out of the house and your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, the energetic dog will chew, bite and destroy valuables to do catharsis on them. The best approach here is to drain all your dog's energy before you leave the house. A quick walk-jog around the block or a long walk will make your dog exhausted, and the dog will not have enough energy to be melodramatic at your departure. If you cannot afford to drain your energy at the beginning of the day launcher fetch toy will help you do nothing and make your dog do intense exercise.

  • Food puzzle toys

    A puzzle toy is one of the best things you can offer your dog to be entertained when you leave the house. Make this act a ritual for the dog and help your dog start the puzzle to get the food from the toy. You need to take care that the size of the toy is in accordance with your dog’s size. When you leave the house, your dog will become busy solving the puzzle and get the reward in the form of food. You should not feed your dog before leaving the house as it will make them lose interest in the food puzzle toy.

  • Desensitize

    When you want to change your dog's crying behavior, you need to desensitize your departure. When you go out of the house and stay away from the dog for 6 to 8 hours, the dog will associate your departure with the lone time. You can change their minds by going out of the house for five minutes and returning. Then, for the next few days, keep increasing your time and come back inside. When the dog has accepted your departure and thinks you will be back in no time, this will help you go to your office without feeling bad about it.

  • Make your departure a normal thing

    Most of the time, parents give the pet hugs and goodbye kisses and make them realize that the parent is about to leave for some extended time. This way, you are margin things worse and doing inception in their mind to get ready for some lonely time. But when you get ready for the office to pick up the keys, you should go out of the house as you will be back within minutes. This way, you make your dog believe that it is nothing serious and the parent will come back home soon. The dog will accept your departure as a normal thing.

  • Come back home without excitement

    This step is associated with the previous two. When you have desensitized the departure and made the leaving of eh house ritual a random thing, you shouldn’t allow dogs to get overexcited at your arrival. It is almost impossible to resist the cute and cuddly beings when you come back home. But with the help of patience and self-control, you can make your arrival a small thing that will not let your dog indulge in the coming and going loneliness. Make your dog habitual of your departure and arrival to help them comprehend this idea.

  • Dog walker or daycare

    If you see that the dog is not benefiting from the methods and ways mentioned above, you can hire a dog walker or dog sitter to help them stay inside comfortably. The dog cannot accept loneliness and boring time inside the house most of the time. Getting your dog a dog walker will drain them of excessive energy, and they will not whine at your departure. Leaving your dog to the daycare is also another favor you can do to your dog. The people and pets there will help them stay happy and active all day long, and they won’t miss you much in the daycare center.

  • Pressure clothes

    Some parents are advocating great benefits from the pressure clothes. For the dogs suffering from separation anxiety, you can help them with tight and warm clothes. These shirts are readily available on the internet, and with the vet's help, you can choose the best for them. When a dog suffers from anxiety and depression, you can wear pressure clothes. The fabric and pressure will make them stay cozy with the sense of being held in the lap.

  • Adopt a friend

    If your dog cannot stay alone in the house, you should confirm whether the dog is suffering from separation anxiety or is afraid of being alone. You can get help from your friends to borrow another pet for a few hours. Make the pet socialized with your dog, and after a few days, leave the dog and the other animal in safe premises where they can see each other. When you see that your dog is not crying and whining at and after your departure, this is the sign that your dog is afraid of being alone. You can help your dog by adopting another friend for the alone time. If your dog is conscious about you and suffers from separation anxiety adding another family member will worsen the situation. The other pet will also suffer in this situation, and you will have to give back the new pet.

  • CBD oil

    You can go for the combination of different steps or focus on a single method to help your dog stay calm at your departure. But the vets and animal behavior experts claim that giving Cbd oil to dogs with separation anxiety is the most useful method to solve the issue. The Cbd oil for dogs with anxiety and aggression will help them stay calm at your departure and don’t get destructive when they are alone. A depressed and agitated dog will chew windows, doors dig the floor ad could get hurt in doing so. You cannot take the risk of getting your dog injured in your absence. Cbd for hyper dogs is a lifesaver for such dogs.


Your dog needs help when you leave them alone for some extended time at home. A dog suffering from separation anxiety cannot stand an hour without you. Be patient and try these tips to see which one works better for you and your buddy so you can leave your house with the zen of mind!